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Effect Dialog Window in Center of Screen (Resolved)

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Is there a way to prevent the Effect Window from opening in the middle of the screen?


When I'm working on a particular section of an image, I have it in the center of the screen. Then I select an effect and the window opens right on top of where I'm working.


I know... you're going to tell me to just move the window. Well, silly me for expecting computer software to be smarter than that.


Thank you for your time,


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No matter where the window opens, someone will complain. 

Saving the locations of all windows creates a technological challenge... 

  • Is the location still available? Maybe the screen is currently turned off for your multi-monitor setup. 
  • Did the resolution change?
  • Did the screen geometry change? 100% vs. 150%, etc. 

Since there is no way to keep everyone happy, Rick chooses to take the route with the least code changes: open new windows in the center of your workspace. 

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