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Hello, I am new to and so far am very impressed! I love how quickly the app opens and how much support it has. I have a few questions regarding functionality.


Is it possible to create guidelines? Say you want to create a guide box over an image before you crop it?


Also, when dragging in an image, instead of resizing the canvas or opening in a new tab, is it possible to have the image resized to fit the canvas with transform options?



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These available plugins may be useful for you:


Draws vanishing points & guidelines to help you with drawing in perspective.
GuideLines 05 Dec 2017xod

Draws guiding lines as an aid to drawing, alignment & sizing.

EffectActive4.0.19+Effects > RenderGuideLines.dll
Compo Grids 29 Nov 2016Red Ochre
Renders a range of geometrical grids as an optical aid in design and proportion.
EffectActive3.5.x, 4.0xEffects > CompositionCompoGrids.dll
Tool to help with cropping/rotating of photos (i.e. composition grids to help line up important features). Also has configurable aspect ratio with a range of preset sizes. Found in Red Ochre's Plugin PackSee also: #22500
EffectActive3.5.x, 4.0xEffects > PhotoCompotool.dll
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