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Paint.Net and .Net Core

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3 minutes ago, Malix0 said:

Is there a plan or possibility to port Paint.Net to .Net Core ...





3 minutes ago, Malix0 said:

... so porting to other platforms than windows may be possible?



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1 hour ago, Malix0 said:

No, because UI uses WinForms and WPF, but a cross platform solution exist outside microsoft control, it's Avalonia https://avaloniaui.net/


Yes, but Paint.NET doesn't use Avalonia, so that's sadly irrelevant and a moot point.

Cross-platform support isn't on the list of priorities, and changing every single Control and Form (plus associated logic) to different UI toolkit would be a colossal amount of work.

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If Paint.NET isn't a option for cross-platform in the near future, the closest alternative would be Photoflare literally in functionality. G'MIC is there, and you would at least need to try to develop filters that resembles the ones that are found in here to make it a viable alternative. I have been developing G'MIC filter that resembles some plugins found in here, and extended them. Photoflare also support G'MIC, so that makes it a possible alternative for Mac and Linux user. Either that or you have to use GIMP or Krita instead if you don't have Windows and can't use Windows legally or refuse to use Windows (I could understand why).

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G'MIC Filter Developer

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