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Just came across paint.net and have been working with it for a few weeks.. I have really appreciated all of the great tutorials and plug ins posted here. All of you have done some great work :) and I just wanted to share a few of my peices and I will be adding more soon. All made entirely with paint.net

Also most of the pictures that i use are from google. i have no idea what site to cred..

Haystak sig


Georgia sig


Another Georgia sig


Fireburst Sig


Graphic made for a friend


Absolutely Fabulous


Koi Avatar


Marilyn Avatar


Fireburst Avatar


newest sig. thnx tut


Sage Francis sig


Sage Avatar


used for background of sage sig.


I've seen a lot of really great gaming sigs in other user's galleries, so I was inspired to make one for my fav. game. It was made using renders of mold and blood stock photos.


Alright that one wasn't the greatest so I checked our TophatSlash's tutorial and it gave me a few pointers .. So here the latest gaming sig.


Another Gaming Sig.


Joker Sig.. ,used a c4d render in the background


Joker Av.


AFI Sig.


04 Mustang GT Sig


Mustang Av.


Just a simple Sig.


Another comic Siggy


Using some tips from the Zexion tut.


My Current Wallpaper entirely PDN


Just a pretty lil siggy


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I like especially your sig. (fireburst) :D

thnx i accually made this one just messing around and added the exploding planet in the background Don't know it you can see it.. but i think it made a nice effect. It works as my sig for now until i make something that i like better. :lol:

Thnx for stopping by

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You're off at a good start. :)

And, I really like your works! There's this ring in my head that makes me like it.


Code_Ember passed away on October 25, 2008. The Paint.NET forum staff and members wish his family and friends only the best in this difficult time.

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Thanks for posting on my pictorium, your pictures are nice and I agree with that guy about the fireburst sig. it looks pretty cool. You've almost got more posts than me and you joined like 5 days ago, lol. Keep up the good work, btw, getting Oma to have a look @ your pictorium is pretty cool.

deviantART | Paint.NET Gallery | bennettfrazier.com <-- (My new Website!)


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I have started playing around with the Chaoscope and just wanted to add some of my renders of fractals using Chaoscope and paint.net.

This is the first one and i don't really have a name for it yet. If anyone thinks of a good one please let me know. As always your comments are appreciated and I will add some more soon so check back :)


Rasta Sig. using a fractal and a lot of pdn , I'm not a pothead or nething I swear.. It just sorta ended up looking like some marijuana plants so i added the little rasta guys. :lol:


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I have updated with some new stuff and I think that I am making progress, but i'm addicted to making siggies.. Will try to work on something else soon.. :?

I have been preoccupied lately trying to figure out Cinema 4D to make some sweet renders to work with on paint.net

Also considering creating an account Devient Art But not to sure yet.. Well i have had a lot of visits to my Gallery but not to many comments .. So feel free to coment and give me some constructive critism or tips. :) :idea:

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