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Auto-level entire image from selected region

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No plugin (or adjustment or effect that acts like a plugin) could do that, because a plugin can only modify the selected pixels. There's probably some way to achieve a similar result, though I'm fairly certain there's nothing currently like that.

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There is a roundabout way to achieve this:


1. Select the area

2. Adjustments -> Levels

3. click on "Auto"

4. click on "OK"

5. Undo

6. Deselect

7. Adjustments -> Levels

8. Click on OK


This works because adjustments and effects remember the settings from the last time they were used. (only if you click OK, not if you click Cancel)

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Wow! That's pretty neat. I never noticed that Levels changes the control settings in Auto mode. I wish Indirect UI plugins could modify the controls that way.


That seems like a pretty simple solution to the original request.

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