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Installing Custom Brushes?

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Check the files Properties to see if it is being blocked because the file is being recognized as coming from an alien system. In the Properties window you can check the unblock box to clear the warning. It may also work if you just copy the file to a trusted device like a thumb drive and open it from there.


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Often you will have to 'copy' a Dynamic-Link Library (.dll) from the compressed archive (.zip) file and then 'paste' it into Paint.NET>Effects folder instead of trying to 'Open' it from the compressed archive.


in Paint.NET brushes are raster image files such as .png with transparent backgrounds.


Where your Effects folder resides is dependent upon whether you installed the getpaint.net or the Microsoft Store version of Paint.NET!

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Hello @Jim M :)


If you are wanting to use the Custom Mini Brushes and have Photoshop brushes you want to import, this is how it works.


You will need this:


And here is how to go forward:


When you download brushes from somewhere.


1.  They will appear in a ZIP.

2.  Save to a folder and unzip.

3.  Open AbrViewer.

4.  Navigate to the file you unzipped, via - File - select Folder - and find it on your computer.  Click Open.

5.  The brushes will 'pop' up in the pane.

6.  Change the thumbnail size to 500 and click on Export and they will be sent to the folder 'Brushes' in Paint.NET user files.



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