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Layers Window icons disimproved

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The new (as of when? I don't know) layer palette icons are not improvements. They are a sea of pale boxes. It is the merge and sort up/down buttons that I get mixed up about. Those are two very different things, but the icons (blue boxes and arrows) are similar so I get lost. Compare to the previous icons which had giant up and down arrows only for the layer moves. The pretty aesthetic logic is "these buttons do things to layers so have an icon containing a layer" but that is poor logic. The context of that menu is already layer. Information saying "this icon is about layers" is redundant, and is essentially noise, making the SNR for the strip of icons very high. At the same time the useful information (the arrows) have been shrunk thus impairing the SNR even more. Actually, when I want to move a layer down, my eye is drawn to the slightly larger arrow on the merge icon (and the arrow isn't the important part of that, it's the two boxes) and so I use that icon, then wonder what in the heck is happening.

There is the same situation is intense for the delete layer icon (formerly a giant X, now a tiny X with an irrelevant blue box).

For these reasons, the old icon concepts should be restored, even if you have to redraw them to match some new line and fill styles with the other icons in the UI.

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"I don't like the icons and I don't want to get used to them, so let me rant about it for awhile and tell you to revert all the work you did on them."


Your brain will get used to them. It's called neuroplasticity. Telling me to throw away months of work just because you don't feel like getting used to the new icons is just lazy and really disrespectful.

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