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More secondary-click options while initializing a tool

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Hello! Sorry if the title is a bit confusing. I wasn't quite sure what to call this feature.

Just recently I randomly stumbled across the ability to move shapes right mouse button while initializing the shape's dimensions


I thought this feature was super neat, so I swiftly tried it with all the other tools, and found that only Text delivers a similar right-click behaviour. Tools with similar dragging behaviour (shape, line, gradient) do not exhibit any secondary-click behaviour. I understand that this is likely due to the complications in working with primary and secondary colour, but in case I'm overestimating the complexity of a primary-mouse-button dependent hotkey for moving a dragged area I figured I'd ask here if adding this behaviour to those tools is at all feasible. I personally find myself re-dragging shapes quite a lot, which lead to my excitement when I anticipated this behaviour to be shared for the shape tool in particular 😛


Apologies if this is a dupe of an existing suggestion. I tried to search for previous posts but since I am unsure on what this feature is commonly referred to, there's a high chance I missed something. If I did, I would greatly appreciate if someone could point me to it. Thank you!

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