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Can someone help me make something like this?

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heres my go at it. its not uber amazing but o-well :D its not that hard the worst part was finding the airplane..there all tilted up and u only see the bottem of the plane this one was siting on the run way so i cut off the wheels.

1.find a plane and cut it out and resize it smaller and put it on a new page with transparent a background

2.(new layer) do a gradient background i used blue and white

3.(new layer) add all the text. if the text is gona be transparent to fade it do it on a new layer

4.cut out the logo or make one and resize it to be bigger and make it a bit transparent

5.(new layer)make the line if u want or the little boxes


:D this one was fun to make >.> i got to make fun of mappleStory too...PURE AWSOME! >.>




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