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I have the problem, that I can't reinstall I had to reinstall the software,

because it made an Update, and as it was finished, I was not able to execute the

software. sadly.


Thanks for Help. ;)

 - Float

Edited by FloatStreak
I forgot the sentence: „I was not able to execute the software."

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How did you uninstall it? Using Windows Programs & Features > Uninstall or Change Programs?


If you did not uninstall it properly then there are likely to be leftovers which may prevent a new reinstall.


I always use a purpose designed uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller, that also puts in a restore point* which can be very useful for cases like this. With only some of the PDN program being uninstalled it may not now show up now as a program. BCUninstaller may be your best bet as that will find the 'orphaned' leftovers from incorrectly uninstalled programs others may not.


* if you have a restore point before you uninstalled PDN then it should not do any harm trying to use that first.


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That tool does pretty much what a proper purpose designed uninstaller does - clears out the registry keys, stuff in AppData and ProgramData which just using the Windows programs uninstaller often leaves behind.


Pixey has to suggest the use of that tool to fix problems like OP's regularly and as it is a recurring problem might it not be a good idea for PDN to include an uninstaller?

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