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Font zooming?

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OK. I is not sure if this in right place. It not bug report. It is idea.


So there I is making art. I learninged this program and I wented crazy grabbing fonts too. These is so many fonts I no believing it and all the ways of makings letters! You can having letters look like anything in whole world and then using PDN making them doings even more! It crazy crazy!


OK, so often time I is using text in images but when pulling from list fonts is kinda small. Fonts sometime look alike but they is all different. Sometimes on list it work to seeings differents.


So here is idea: Maybe make text area biggers or having way of zooming. Then differences more obviyus. If it too much work I still happy. If it good idea it could make things betters!

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You can choose whatever size font you want - it can be as big as you like, within certain limits.


In PDN select Text and the go to the font selection and size (default Calibri 12pt) tool bar options. The font size in that box is actually editable. Just click on the actual box to highlight the font size (12) and change it to 1000 or whatever you need using the keyboard to see the differences you're interested in.


As said there are limits and some fonts might not display well when significantly enlarged or reduced.


If the Text cursor is still active any previous text you typed will also apply the new font/size so you can quite easily swap between fonts and sizes to see the effect on a particular body of text. 

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Yes! That is it!


You seeings them in menu and they is small and you not seeing much of the differents. Many fonts you thinking is boring and same and that not true at all.


When workings with them in pictures and they is bigger the differents is strong. Maybe now you is seeing it.


Use some of the crazy text formation plugins and you really seeings differents! Even fonts that looking alike suddenly you seeings that they no is identicul at all! Good exampull is use TR Monolithic and suddenly they all something more than you thinkinged it was! Even simple font not same and boring. Now you really really seeings even small differents and knowings why there is so many of them.


Fonts is like pictures and art. Once you start usings them you go OMG! It not boring at all.  There is so many things to say and doings that you could makings somethings new every day and never run out of new thing! It can be fun fun fun. Oh yeah. I forgot to say it can be fun!

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