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Adjustments > Invert Anything


This plugin allows you to invert a pretty wide variety of things all in one plugin.


I'm 99% sure most of this exists elsewhere, but there are a couple things that don't exist yet.




  • Red/Green/Blue -- inverts the red, blue and/or green channels. Will essentially turn yellow into blue, red into cyan, and so on.
  • Hue/Saturation/Value  Inverts the hue, saturation or value.
  • Alpha -- Inverts the alpha channel -- transparent pixels will become more opaque, and vice-versa. Fully transparent pixels will apparently turn black.



This feature came from a different plugin I'm working on. Essentially you're inverting things on either side of the median. If you're doing this with red contrast+green contrast+blue contrast on something colorful, for example, you'll get an image that's significantly more gray. Something with more washed-out colors will become more colorful. Essentially you're pulling the colors further away from the median towards the median (making them gray) and vice-versa.


Other effects work much the same way, except instead of the median being gray it'll be whatever the median value for that setting is -- hue contrast for example will pull things closer or further away from cyan because that's the median hue.


Plugin Examples

This plugin offers a large amount of options, so rather than show them all I'll show each individual setting and a few interesting combinations all in one image.




First, here's a source image. This cat is pretty useful for testing color/adjustment plugins -- lots of different colors, a good bit of white and black as well.




Here are some different settings. The "Everything" means "everything but alpha + alpha contrast".


Download Link


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Nice. Would it make more sense to have a drop down list? It would shorten the UI quite a bit and also allow you to add more options if they come along.

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The best, laziest solution would be to add horizontal rules (separators) between each mini group for visual distinction. Could also do this:

red         red contrast        hue              hue contrast               alpha
blue       blue contrast      saturation  saturation contrast    alpha contrast
green    green contrast    value           value contrast

Or organize like this:

  red contrast
  blue contrast
  green contrast

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31 minutes ago, Disciple of Bears said:

Incidentally the inversion of RGB HSV and alpha can be done with the Channel Ops plugin, although the 'contrast' versions of each channel aren't a concept there.

IndirectUI doesn’t have a horizontal separator control. 

Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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