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Frames twice

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It not super big deal. If there is easy way to cleanings it up I doings it. If not life go on...


I probably dids that and installinged it both ways. I wented crazy first getting plugin packs and then spent long time grabbing every plugin on list still working.


It tooked long time but it worth it! Now I doing everything with pictures and it easy! I tellings it what I want, play with controls and it happen!

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You can hover over the plugin in the menu and it will show you the name of the DLL. This make it a little easier to track down the source of the double entry.

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Sorry, I away for days. I is away from home and small town internet terribull! Internet was waste of time all weekend so I doinged other things.


OK. I lookinged and both DLL the sames. I hovered and they same.


Last thing: I likings this forum. Many forum full of poison bad evil places. This one have lots of goodness!

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