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How we knowings about new plugins?

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Besides watching for new forum threads, new plugins are announced monthly here:



As for a monthly report of updated plugins, there currently isn't one.

(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

My Gallery  |  My Plugin Pack

Layman's Guide to CodeLab

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If you install all the plugins expect PDN to be slower to start. Rick has made many optimizations to improve startup performance, but a load of plugins will still slow it down somewhat.

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I do this regularly....


On 9/30/2019 at 8:42 PM, Elvis Hbpbgrtnk said:

Program good naked



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Thank yous! My English is getting betters. It taking time. English different. It having many more expectashions than others. In other langwages it one way one time it that way all the time and you always knowings how it works. English changing things around all the time.


But I is tellings you somethings: I also have name Elvis and I make trade with trainer. He teaching me secrets to getting big and chizzled. Soon with name like that and being chizzled it no matter how bad the English. I goings to be most popyular guy in whole world!


Life is good!

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