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With 2 layers How to move one image around?

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I am wanting to make easy multi-layered pictures but the problem for me is I can't figure out is how I can take a smaller image and move it around on a the larger layer image. I am also wanting to center my smaller picture on top a larger picture and then turn it into that layer effect where one picture is more see through than the other also. Ugh! I know I will feel dumb because it will turn out to be a very easy action! I hope someone can understand my rambling. :oops:

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Ok trying to organize your questions I got to this:

1. To move the image around a larger layer, paste the image on that layer and then use :MoveTool: (Move Tool)

2. To that you can use the Algin Object Plugin that you can find in the Plugin section of the forums.

3. To 'see through' an image go to Layer>Properties or just click the respective button on the layers window, and change the transparency value of the layer.

Most of your doubts could be answered by the Help documentation. Please use it.

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