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merge portrait image on Landscape image

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I downloaded an image from internet which is Landscape in orientation. I have an image with greenscreen and thats in Portrait orientation.


I resize the canvas and  import the landscape oriented image(this looks good). Now when I import the second image which is potrait orientation the canvas size now is as the portrait image and the first image is too small and displayed on top lext of the canvas. How can superimpose a portait image on landscape? Is there any image resolution restriction that i shoul dbe taking care off? Please suggest.

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Hello @Mywork - welcome to the forum :)


Don't import the second layer. That will resize your canvas if the second image is larger REF: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/LayersMenu.html#6


Open the second image, copy it (Ctrl+C) and  paste into a new layer over the first image (Ctrl + Shift + V)

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