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Best alternative app for CMYK capability

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Paint.net is always my go-to for making digital images for social media, but I recently needed to have an image printed and ran into issues with the RBG colors not converting well to CMYK. Now I'm (sadly!) wondering if I should start using a CMYK-capable app instead of paint.net (as suggested here). If so, which app would be most friendly as a starting point for a paint.net user? Cheap would also be nice. 

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I have all of my commercial work done at my local FastSign shop.
My commercial works are usually 5000 x 5000 pixels (25 megapixels)
I use to make my sRBG to CMYK conversions myself using the Cyan conversion utility but the lead printer at the shop told me that it was not necessary.

I do take my monitors ICC profile with me but I sit with the lead printer and the image conversion and corrections are made on site to my satisfaction before doing the final output. Some of my images are designed to print to 8 x 4 feet media.

I use Paint.NET, Expression Design 4, Power Point 2010, Inkscape, Corel Draw X15, and Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop CS5

Good Luck!

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