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Barn Hunt Title Pix -- help needed

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So my Harper Dachs got his Master Barn Hunt Champion X3 title last weekend. 

I always do a Title picture for them -- my Boy is the first standard Dachshund in the US and Canada to achieve RATCHX, RATCHX2 and RATCH X3.

When I did his RATCH, I circled it with blue, for "First Place."

For his RATCHX, I used purple, which is the color used in Conformation for Winner's Dog or Winner's Bitch.

For his RATCHX2. I used one purple and one blue circle.

For the RATCHX3, I used two purple circles and one blue circle.

He's working on his RATCHX4.

If I keep adding circles, I'll run out of space for the pix of Harper, a Rat, and his new title!


I'm trying to think what I could use. (PS, yes, I know some of the pix of Harper and the rats aren't the best. Harper's pix are clipped from action shots against a deadly background of wheat straw, which is all but impossible to remove , especially if he's got straw scattered in his coat. My ratties don't wanna hold still for their pix.)


Any thoughts for how I can continue this series?






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1 hour ago, FanofSMBX said:

Instead of making the area for the words and pictures smaller, just start with one circle and then add circles that are bigger than that one. That way you'll keep the original amount of space inside the first circle. You will just add bigger circles around the original area


I did consider that, but I'm doing this in 300 dpi, and it needs to be a specific size. Therefore, if I add on the inside, I lose space. If I add on the outside, it becomes too big.

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Add another inner circle on a new layer and use a layer blend mode to allow the underlying image to show through. You'll get both the circle and a muted image where the circle overlays it.


Pro Tip: With circle layer active, press F4 & click on Normal blend mode. Use the down arrow on the keyboard to cycle through the blend modes until you find one you like the look of.

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On 9/13/2019 at 3:32 AM, welshblue said:

Another option is to add something other than an ellipse to show his achievements ... for example World Cup winning teams have stars on their shirts to show how many times they've won it



... poorly placed stars but ...  


It could be rosettes.  ?



Now THAT is a definite possibility. I could either stay with the three ring, or revert back to the double ring so there are both colors, and then see what I can come up with for a symbol. Rosettes could be rice. I could also use rat silhouettes.....

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