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[FEATURE REQUEST] A polygon selection tool

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Hey guys,
I know this type of suggestions has already been made but i would really love a polygon selection tool...
We have the lasso and the shapes which are great but aren't good when selecting using multiple lines...

There is the Polygon Tool plugin but you need to: Create a new layer, copy the one where you want your selection to be to it, use the polygon tool to create a selection, copy the polygon outiline to a new empty layer and then finally use the magic wand to make your polygon selection and use it where you want... This is way too slow...

I used Photofiltre before switching to Paint.NET and this is the only missing thing that can't be resolved with plugins (other missing features that can be corrected with plugins are the Editable Texts and Color Filter).

Please add it to Paint.NET, it would be very nice to have it and save a lot of time...

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Nope - PDN didn't have a polygon selection tool (beaten by toe_head).


The workaround is to render a Shape to an otherwise blank layer and use the magic wand tool :MagicWandTool: to select inside (or outside) the shape. Remember there are a huge number of third-party shapes available HERE.

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