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Help isolating the red from blood vessel pictures

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Hello everyone!


This might be a little unconventional. I'm a researcher and I need to isolate the red from some pictures I took (samples bellow). The problem is that the red of the vessels is not strong enough for the quantification software (AngioTool)  to identify what's a vessel and whats the background. It doesn't have to be red, It just need to be different enough from the background. I've been messing with the luminosity with the plugin Curves+  but is not enough.


Any help of how could I do this? Any help would be really appreciated! The second picture is similar to what I need. 





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I suggest using the Kill Color Keeper plugin.

Choose the color picker, choose the 5x5 pixels sampling at the top, click somewhere on the background and run the plugin. Then choose the white color and run the plugin again.

This should clear most of the background noise.

Now pick the eraser, reduce the hardness at the top to 0 and the opacity to 128, and choose a large brush size. Then you can erase the leftovers manually. Add a black layer at the bottom and you're done.

I did this with your first image and I'm attaching what I got.

Sadly I don't think you can automate this easily.


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