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Can you give us more details about what you want to do? Would you just like an option to draw/generate a grid on the image? If so, you could use a plugin and I believe this isn't a common use case and it shouldn't be a native feature.

If I were using grids, I wouldn't want the grid to be a part of the image but rather act as a guideline only. One way to achieve this is to draw a grid with a plugin, then draw on a layer below the grid and finally delete the grid layer. There are many drawbacks with this solution, for e.g. the grid will cover your drawing and you won't be able to see certain pixels when you zoom in unless you make the grid layer invisible.

Even better would be if the tools and selections snapped to the grid.

Unfortunately I don't think snapping or guidelines are coming anytime soon. They're a lot of work and not popular enough to be a priority. The current priorities seem to be making the code work with a newer framework, letting plugin developers make better plugins and, feature-wise, support for different brushes and pressure sensitivity.


I'm sorry your last topic turned out the way it did. I agree that scrolling with the mouse wheel only would be convenient. Scrolling down seems redundant since you can already pan in any direction with the middle mouse button. It's a question of whether this convenience justifies breaking the convention that people are used to - where scrolling down moves the thing up. The developer has decided that it doesn't. (maybe a checkbox in the options some day though?)


Have a good day.

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