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Change the tint of a tinted object

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Hello everyone!

I couldn't find anything that helps me on the topic (granted, I don't really know how to formulate the question in a search-friendly way) so I'd ask for some advice.


I created a map for a pen and paper RPG in the form of a political map with different tints for the different nations.

Now, I managed to lose the map without any colours, yet I might want to change the borders in the future.


So my question is: Is there a feasible way to change the colour tint without having a tintless map?

The simple map without objects like these mountains would be easy enough, but how to go about these objects? E.g. if I wanted some of the blue territory to be gray instead, could I do that or would I need to recreate the colourless version first/paint over it by hand?


Thank you for any answers, and I would also be very grateful about any links to possible solutions for this!

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11 hours ago, BoltBait said:

Maybe use my Hue Sat Plus plugin?



I will try it out, thank you!


12 hours ago, Reptillian said:

There isn't a good solution other than to solve the map by filters and hand, then do the tint.

I don't suppose you would have a link to a tutorial at hand describing how to best do this? I appreciate it anyway!

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