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Anyone has a easy way to create gradient map from those images?

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Right now, I am trying to convert a document from one program into pdn format with minimum tradeoff, and to do that, I would need to provide gradient maps. How can I create gradient map preset from these images (separated by alpha) easily with minimum info loss? The width of the image is 256 meaning that they corresponds to 8-bit lightness value. I would like to use those images, and assign gradient map to another image.


EDIT: I attempted to copy values, and tried to get the closest match to one of the 2 series using @pyrochild Gradient Map plugin, it wasn't very optimal to say for the least. I do have a workaround to my problem though as I'm making replica of gradient maps used for a game by solving them. I believe I would need to use Color Adjustment just like I did with the program. They do offer preset.


EDIT: Sorry about this, but one more thing. I would definitely need to desaturate to hsl l* values or lightness values before applying gradient map. No easy way to do this in PDN. Actually, I'm just gonna make the plugin.

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