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Hi all

My name is Ann and I have just joined this forum.

I would appreciate a little help regarding the edges of my Images.

The problem I have is making the edges of images smooth rather

than jagged as they are now.

I am a complete novice and would appreciate some Simple Steps.



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Hi Pippa,

How do I go about Uploading Image to forum?


First upload it to an image hosting site. There are several; but I use http://imageshack.us/ My signature is hosted there.

If you want to upload several images, it is loot easier if you create an account. It is free.

Then copy the address surrounded by … tags. And paste it into your post.

That is one way of doing it.

My DA: http://leif-j.deviantart.com/


Some people seek justice so persistent, that they will do great injustice themselves.

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Max power,

I appologise for overlooking your reply.

I now realise where i went wrong, and should have

dealt with your answer first.

I read the boltbait article and it is exactly what i have

been searching for.

I am still struggling and learning slowly, but the hard way so far.

thank you,


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