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Assembling pictures parts from multiple scans

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Hi all!


As the subjet states, I wan't to "re assemble" a large picture from multiple scans.

No effect desired else than re assembling the picture correctly.


Picture was too large for my scanner, I had to give it 4 pass.


Not sure what terminology to use to search the forum.

I tought "stitches" was the word but it brings me to textures...


Using Paint Dot Net 4.2.1


All help will be appreciated.


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Thanks for the reply xod.


Pasting other parts of the scan is one of the way to do it, but I get unsatisfactory results.

At least to my own taste with my current testing.


I am scanning very old documents that includes signs, writings and signatures.

The most subtle misalignement get's visible.


I was hoping for a plugin that would analyse the "bits behind each scan" to align them with precision...

Not sure I get my wording correct here.


Will continue to do the alignement manually, maybe I will get better at it.





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