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Midgetalien's Gallery -New spacescape page 11


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the space pod is excellent but i feel that i should critique are we alone a bit. The planet's glow should not flow around into the shadow area of the planet. If you have the glow on a separate layer still run a radial transparent gradient on it so that the glow is only on the light side of the planet. The texture could use some work but it is fairly decent. About the only thing you should really fix is the glow :D.

You have great potential and i will be watching you for sure. You should join pdn fanatics we are a bunch of pdn junkies over there and we love to help out each other.


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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Wow, your pictures are great!

What I like most are the signatures and the spacescapes(I usualy dont like 'em.).

Thanks :) Glad you like them

I was messing around with a few photoshop tutorials again, trying to see if they are possible in PDN. Now this one was tricky, it was a tutorial on making a unique "christmas" card.

Now the picture isnt perfect, theres quite a few things wrong with it, but you will be able to get the general idea of the picture. Please bare in mind this was my first attempt at creating this card. I might have another go later on today. Practice makes perfect apprently.


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think I like the second one the best... but now my I-net doesn't work and I'm on somebody elses pc and the resolution is lower and the graphics TERRIBLE I can't say that for sure... *giggles* Love the way you experimented though

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Hi Midgetalien, I must say you have some diversified artwork. That poor kitty looks like it was sitting on Frankensteins lap when the switch was thrown. :lol: I'm not a fan of how it turned out, I happen to love kittens, but I certainly applaud your fearless plugin use. :lol:

what really drew me in was this image. simple and sweet but truly effective. great job


Now you be certain to have yourself a wonderful Christmas.

ciao OMA

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hahaha indeed i do :D - i feel that the more areas that i practice in then i can apply those aspects to other areas. make sense? Thats why my gallery is a bit diverse lol

I am glad you like that picture :) - It has a "brother" of sorts but i didnt think ti was very good so i didnt upload it. But for anyone thats intrested here it is:


I also made that into a wallpaper. I will upadate my first post with links to them.

EDIT: Made a matching avatar and sig



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