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Midgetalien's Gallery -New spacescape page 11


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I like your Gradients with Moons. The daytime one is best. Maybe reduce the opacity of the moon slightly though. Did you make the clouds as well?

Thanks :)

Nope, the clouds were from a stock photo, all did was remove the sky and other objects and placed it over a gradiant background.

It took ages to get the gradiant for the moon as there usnt any "cresent shapped" gradiant. So i used a mixture of the circle and stright line gradiants, over lapping the circle one again and agian in an arch shape to get the cresent gradiant.

Once i have perfected it a bit, i might upload a tutorial. At the minute i am copying a Photoshop tutorial and changing it to suit paint.net.

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Crescent gradients are easy.

Once you`ve made your planet use the wand to select it.

Add new layer and fill selection with black.

Then get the move selection tool (NOT the move pixel one)

Move selection down and to the right or left depending what you want.

Invert selection. Delete.

Then just blur and adjust opacity to want you want.




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Ok i finally got round to understanding brushes! I download some and played about with them.

Below you can see my first finished bits of art using custom brushes. I feel like i cheated useing brushes but actually the image is like 80% PDN. I tweaked and messed around with the brushes so much that they are completly diffrent to the actual brsuh i used. Anyway, i managed to get some nice effects so i made sigs and avatar from it too.

let me know what you think :)





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did you use feather on your planets? I can se some hard pixels if you know what I mean....The planets look very nice, that's the only thing I have seen that could be better (in my eyes tho)

The purple signature is very very nice!

Am looking forward to see new stuff :wink:

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Heres some new stuff. I found a Photoshop tutorial and thought that i could make a spaceship in PDN. However the Photoshop tutorial relied heavily upon techniques thats PDN does not have.

So after many hours i finally came up with a PDN version, and its much better in my opinion. Anyway, i am in the process of writing a tutorial for it :)

Heres the pod:

Space pod 100% PDN:



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Very nice Midgetalien! I can see you have a lot of potential - I especially liked this one:


It's such a great concept that I think if you keep working on it you can have something truly amazing - just fix the shadows on the left cliff and play around with the smudge tool to blend your lights and shadows better - also if you were to increase the contrast I think it would work better as well.

Keep it up man!

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