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Midgetalien's Gallery -New spacescape page 11


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I love your artwork, can you post some links to the ones you said you made off tutorials, like the border one from Oma? This is a great artwork, and you have some good shading, and some good tinting techniques.


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Thank You :D

Spacescapes are awsome, so i they have kinda become my "thing". I am flllowing any and all tutorials to do with spacescapes, planets, stars ect... so if anyone knows of any feel free to point to them :) - chances are i may have them already but then again someone might point to one i have missed :)

I have to say that the Paint.net forum has been really helpful adn useful. I cant believe that i managed to learn a paint programme in such a short ammount of time. It makes me look at photoshop and think "why - why on earth did someone create something thats near impossible to use unless you have a degree from the planet krypton on the use of airbrushes and a manual the size of 7 bibles"

Anyway, heres some recent stuff: (messing around trying new techniques):



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like the reaper but your gallery is waaay to unorganized... you should use some hide tags because it takes forever to scroll down a page even on high speed internet.


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