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Cannot get thumbnails like I used to

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I used to open paint and get a full screen of what was on the disk. Now it is in single file showing the pictures individually . You have to click down each picture to see what is on the disk. Or you have a screen of numbers and have to click on each one to see your pictures.  this is not an improvement and is very time consuming. If it going to stay like this I may have to shop for another program. I do not know what is out there but will find out if there is a better product suited to my purpose. If there is a fix please let me know. I just want all of my pictures displayed on the screen like the older version displayed them. Is there any way I can go back to the older version? 

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It seems that in the viewer has been set to view 'List' rather than view 'Icon'.
To set it back to view icon:

While in Paint.NET click on File and select Open
This opens the File Explorer from within Paint.NET
On the upper right side of the screen you will a small icon for viewing images settings
click on it a set it back to 'Large Icon' instead of 'List'

I just heard the blip sound and see that Pixey has beaten me to the punch. 🙂

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