Bedrock not starting up...most of the time

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EDIT: Disabling MacType for exclusively in MacType.ini fixed the problem. Sorry about that.


Here's what I put originally for reference, though.





I recently reset my Windows 10 PC and thus I had to reinstall As far as I know, I'm on the latest build of Windows 10 (1903) with all updates. Previously, I couldn't update to the newest version because my Windows 10 wouldn't upgrade past build 1511. I installed 4.2.1 and transferred all of my old plugins in the Effects and FileTypes folders into the program. However, I've been experiencing some very peculiar behavior using Some days it's worse and some days it's fine, but there are times where will not start up. Either no window will pop up or a blank window will appear for a few seconds before disappearing. If I keep trying to open it, it usually alternates between the two. If I wait a while, it seems to work the next time I start it up (but generally not after).


Here's an example of one the crash logs in Event Viewer (since itself never outputs a crash log or anything):

It always has to do with ntdll.dll, though running sfc /scannow reports no errors in Windows. It hasn't always reached/stopped at (LoadedModule [102]) though it seems to be doing that often.


Here are a few of the things I've tried with no luck:

  • Removing all the contents of Effects and FileTypes
  • Turning f.lux off (as in, closing it)
  • Reducing my monitor from 72Hz to 60Hz (I patched my AMD drivers to allow faster refresh rates)
  • Disabling my antivirus
  • Repairing with PdnRepair.exe
  • Disabling Discord in-game overlay


Here are my computer specs:

  • Intel Core i7 3770
  • 16GB RAM
  • AMD Radeon R9 290 (running 17.1.1 drivers)
  • SSD + HDD (I have 50+ GB free on both)


If you have any other questions or things that I can do, let me know. Thanks in advance!



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I am dumb

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MacType is known to cause issues with Paint.NET.  Please try disabling it.


10 minutes ago, Bedrock said:

AMD Radeon R9 290 (running 17.1.1 drivers)


Why are you using such an old Radeon driver? Is it just for the hacked refresh rates?

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