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No Shadows and more

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9 minutes ago, welshblue said:

Is your text on it's own layer ?

Most Object tools won't work unless they've got transparency around them


This is most likely your problem.


BTW, @welshblue, congrats on passing me on rep points.  @lynxster4 is right on our tails... :D 

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Yes ^ that is how PDN has always worked AFAIK. If you put drop shadows on text written onto a solid colour background the drop shadows will be applied to the background ie. behind the whole image area and therefore completely hidden by the image itself.


In the example provide if you untick "Keep original image" the area within the selection box will display as full black (if you're using default Drop Shadows settings). The drop shadows are being applied to the whole of that selected area and only that area. Offset won't work because the working space is, again, just defined as that selected area. All you can do using Drop Shadows is change the selected area's colour and transparency.


Anything you want to apply drop shadows too needs to be in its own transparent background layer.



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