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Move Selection + Move Pixels + Keep Ratio Issue

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I encountered an issue today that resulted in different sized objects after resizing same sized objects due to an issue with the move selection tool.

Note in the below examples there is a second black box under the first on a different layer to show its original vs its new size.

If you create an initial selection:

Then resize the selection using the Move Selection Tool:

Then, using the move pixels tool, move the square to the right.
Finally, while holding shift (to maintain the ratio), drag a corner slightly:

You'll notice the resize seems to use the original selection's ratio (in picture 1)
rather than the edited selection's ratio (in picture 2) causing the image to loose its ratio.

This is particularly notable in this example, but if you are getting the selection close to perfect,
then editing the selection to be exact, then resizing it you may not notice it resulting in slight ratio changes.

Note: if you need a workaround for this if you cut and paste the selection it now uses the new ratio.

Edited by Jackson
Including a workaround.
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You'll notice the resize seems to use the original selection's ratio (in picture 1)

Yup, by design. Otherwise you can never "hold on" to that original aspect ratio, it gets slushed away in rounding errors if nothing else.


Your workaround is the right one, just "reset" the aspect ratio by bouncing it through the clipboard with Edit -> Copy Selection and Edit -> Paste Selection -> Replace.

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