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File opens in MS Paint instead of Paint.net

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Hi.  I worked on and saved a file in MS Paint.  But I uploaded it in Paint.Net because the files I'm working on are required to be a certain number of pixels per inch, for example, 300 pixels per inch.  You cannot set ppi in MS Paint to the best of my knowledge, so I uploaded the file in Paint.net and set it at 300 ppi.  I saved it as a PNG in Paint.net.  But when I tried to open the file, it only opened in MS Paint.  I'm afraid that the fact that the file only opens in Ms Paint means that the 300 pixels per inch is lost. Then I created a file in Paint.net, saved it in Paint.net as a PNG, but  that too opened up in Ms Paint. How can I get the file to open up in Paint.net?  Also, since I saved these files in Paint.net, will the 300 ppi go away when it is opened up in MS Paint? Thanks.

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This is a file association issue and IMHO a user should not change the default open with Windows Photo Viewer for any particular image file type except, at least for Windows 7 > animated GIFs where the MS OS designers decided that unlike WinXP the WPV should not support animated GIFs and the default is to open them in IE or your prefrred browser. Great decision. :(


In this case the OP appears to have set MS Paint as the default program for, I would suspect, all the image file types he uses.


You can replace that with PDN very simply just as TrevorOutlaw suggests - right click on the image file, select "Open with", click on the "Choose default program................", select PDN which will almost certain be listed and tick the "Always use the selected program to open this type of file". If that is really what you want.


You'll be tempted to do this for all image file types and you'll have to do that manually for each one unless you set PDN as the default image viewer and, IMHO, that is a bad idea. I think you can set it as the default image viewer for everything during installation but there's no way to do that in the PDN  settings.


However being able to distinguish quickly between the numerous image file types using the different icons Windows Photo View applies I find a great help and preferable to using a single image file icon for all types.


However there is a difference between just picture viewing and picture editing. If you look at the right mouse click context menu for an image you'll see the "Edit" option at the top. Setting PDN as default for that is a very good idea.


Again I think that can not be done via PDN settings and has to be chosen during installation (it may even be the default install setting) but this thread describes the simple registry edit which can be done if it is not set as the default editor already.


BTW be very careful when setting up any file type associations or you might be lumbered with ones in the context menu that are totally inappropriate. Another piece of questionable MS OS design is that whilst setting a program as default is simple there are no built in tools to disassociate them. It requires either a registry edit or use of purpose designed third part tools like DefaultProgramsEditor or Unassoc. The latter is Vista/Win7 only.  

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