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Sharp Bevel Plugin

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Here's another option @SZDXN.  This plugin is no longer supported by the author, but it works just fine on larger squares, rectangles.

On smaller ones, the 'jaggies' are pretty noticeable between the light and dark colors.







Maybe this will also work for you.  :)

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6 hours ago, welshblue said:

If that's what you're looking for - shout out here and I'll post the steps


Do tell.  I may already know...but refresh my memory...👵

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@welshblue, I would love to have you make a video on the Texture Shader, or any of my other plugins. I keep meaning to make tuts or that kind of thing, but never get around to it.


@dipstick, I was able to produce a reasonable facsimile of the right-hand star by  drawing a filled star with the Shape tool, then using the plugin currently called EdgeShaderMJW, followed by several iterations of the Texture Smoother plugin to smooth it out. I think I may know how to produce a better star, but I'll need to experiment later.


(Producing a revised, released version of Red ochre's and my Edge Shader is my next programming project.)

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@welshblue and @MJW   Yes, yes and YES!  Looking forward to these.


I'm reasonably able in Texture Shader, but I'm sure I don't know everything.  :D


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3D star:
(Perhaps not 100% relevant to SZDXN's question but I'm not too clear about the bevel effect they require)


1. File/New image 800 by 800px.
2. Effects/Render/Gradients Galore:Shape = 6 petal flower, Dither = 0 or 1 for a more for a textured metal.
3. New layer. Set primary colour to red (for visabilty). Select shape tool six sided start. Set brush width to 1px.
press & hold shift button then drag out a star shape from the top left corner and align to the gradient on layer 1.
4. Magic wand select outside the star on the shape layer. move to the gradient layer and delete.
5. Effects/Stylize/ TGAngle: Angle = - 45degrees, Colour Blend mode = Gold.


Alternatively, by using the 'On object only' button in Gradients galore you could apply shading to a filled shape.


That's a .png thumbnail btw. Why is .png transparency so broken now? - always showing 255,255,255,0 as black (I think it's a windows 10 bug but the old optipng still seems to work?)

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Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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Here's my beveled star, done with Edgeshader and a touch of Sharpen+.


I'm sure @MJW got a similar result.  Depends on settings and colors used.




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