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Paint.net says I don't have enough storage space to do that then closes entirely.

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So I have a very small hard drive, about 60 gb, so I use a large external drive for all my stuff. I was making a star wars background and when I was a few minutes in, I tried to merge layer down, but it said I don't have enough space to do that and some other errors and then closed the program completely. So just as a warning, make sure you have enough space on your hard drive before you make any big pictures. Developers fix this please 




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According to the system requirements...



Paint.NET uses your hard drive to store temporary files related to undo/redo history. Because of this, actual disk space requirements will depend on the actions you perform on an image, and on the size of the image.


You need to run Paint.NET on a larger hard drive if you plan on working on such a large image.

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Yes a 60GB HDD/SSD is very small for general use now. I was using a laptop with a 40GB HDD up until 3 years ago and I was always having to manage the free space to keep the ideal minimum: 10% of the HDD/partition size available. From the sound of it you must be way below that for PDN to run out of space.


You need to address that as it will affect other programs and the speed of the PC too.


I'm getting twitchy about my 120GB SSD on my desktop in that respect. Windows grows at about 4GB /year so that roughly 20GB initial install is now 35GB. Add to that a VM which is almost as big and that's over 50% of the space used and I already have all my data migrated to a 1TB HDD. But with all the programs and the annoying things that 'must' be done on the primary drive I have <20GB free space left now.


With a laptop and a small HDD without permanently attached additional storage available, maintaining sufficient free space is an art of compromise. You can adjust the space used for things like the restore points and paging file to a minimum and consider not using the latter or hibernation at all. The hiberfil.sys can easily take up several GBs of space.


Another good tool in this and other respects is CCleaner. It can be set up to exclude your most used web site cookies and quickly remove any unnecessary restore points Windows makes automatically. Use it every day at the end of your last session and you'll be surprised just how much junk it will remove, particularly if you've been watching YT videos etc. Using it could free up hundreds of MBs quite easily, likely more than enough for any PDN undo/redo file storage requirements.

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