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Trouble changing DPI or PDN files

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Having trouble changing the DPI of PDN files.  I use Resize Image or Canvas size options, and cannot get the resolution change to stick.  Open the .pdn file and it reverts to original DPI.  Any ideas?  This issue has just now presented itself since upgrading to 4.2

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Hmm, it's working fine here, as far as I can tell anyway ... can you give me exact steps to repro the issue? Include a sample image if you can. Might have to ZIP it up.


(I split this off into its own thread ... easier to have a conversation about this issue directly that way)

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On 7/26/2019 at 12:14 AM, Joe P. said:

Open the .pdn file and it reverts to original DPI.


I think by default the DPI sticks to 96 DPI. 


What I would do is create a blank template file by going to File > New.  Establish your parameter you want in dimension, and then change DPI to, say, 300 for printing, and then use Save As ... PDN.  I named the file as template.pdn. 


I just tried this way and double check by going to Image > Canvas Size and found that it retained 300 DPI setting.

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