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Cant find Tube Oblique Download

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I've been searching for a download for this plugin for the past 2 days and I cant find anything, the original post was from 2007 or something and the download link gives me a dll file which I cant do anything with, ive also looked at programs that can install dll files and cant get anything to work? Does anybody have a download link to The Tube Oblique plugin?

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I downloaded tube Oblique and installed it but the first two sliders go from -2 to 2 for the curvature.  From reading the post I thought I understood that the plugin was edited to go higher (-5 to 5) and that was exactly what I was hoping for,  but the updated plugin links only send me to a defunct url. Madjiks list of plugins seem up to date though. So I guess the short of the question is, was the plugin edited to have wider parameters or not and if so where can I find that version. thank you to anyone who can reply and help!

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