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Magic Wand antialiased selection quality?

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You can control the amount of a selection with the Magic Wand using the tolerance bar, but you will need to use a Plugin to feather/smooth with Plugins i.e. :




and AA's Assistant






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Is it possible to make that calculation into a separate step (a progress dialog pops up), even with expensive performance degrade, if the user really wants to?

My current work around is to make such selection, then rotate/scale a very small amount, so that the whole selection is deviated, but the result looks better than nothing.

I wonder if we can use this approach, or extend it further, (e.g. translate half pixel instead of integral)?

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Only Rick Brewster can answer your first question.


I don't really understand your workaround. Perhaps if you explain in greater detail what you're trying to accomplish, someone can offer a suggestion that will produce results more to your liking.

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If I was to remove/extract some part using the magic wand, I would rotate/scale the selection a little bit so the pixelated boundaries are offset by half. This can at least give me an antialiased result. Currently the selection can only be translated by integral pixels (if I haven't missed anything), otherwise I could also translate by half pixel without rotating/scaling.


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What I generally do in that situation is do the Magic Wand selection and erasure, then run the AA's_Assistant plugin to smooth the edge. When I do the selection, I usually keep the tolerance a bit low, since AA's_Assistant expands the erasure a little.

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