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Photo "Colour Filters" Feature

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I would like to be able to apply a range of pre-defined colour filters onto existing photos. Photo colouring seems to be an elusive art, that could be made more accessible by direct photo colour filtering tools within Paint .Net.


It might just be a matter of mastering levels, but I would prefer a more intuitive approach. See my tutorial below. It would be handy to enter one or two colours to recolour a photo. This feature would need a lot more input from graphic artists to gather a full compliment of requirements, but I think this would be a feature for the masses.


There may be existing plugins and tutorials for this, I could find them myself, so please point me in the right direction if there are. Even if there are plugins, I think this is a feature that needs to be baked in.




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11 hours ago, merarischroeder said:

It might just be a matter of mastering levels,


There are other tricks.  You could use Curves, Hue and Saturation, Color Balance (look for BoltBait's plug-in pack inside the Plug-In Section of the Forums), and using layer blending modes.


I have watched quite a few photo manipulation tutorials on YouTube and I have observed those artists tend to use what I just suggested.  Paint.NET is not one trick pony software.  It requires effort and learning by experience.


Edit: I looked at your "tutorial" and to be honest, I have no idea what you are trying to do.

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Me neither.


If the intention is to colour correct the over yellow cast, probably caused by the tungsten lighting in the (cave?) location then there are plenty of ways of doing that.


Accurate colour correction, more accurately: conversion of non-daylight sources was always a problem before the digital age - you had tungsten balanced film available but that was balanced for 3200K, what typical professional tungsten studio lighting output. So for other sources, like domestic 60W - 100W  bulbs or tungsten halogen spot lights, fluorescent tubes, neon or mercury vapour street lighting you'd still have to use significant additional colour correct filtration as well. Mixed sources were a nightmare.


White balancing with digital cameras I thought was supposed to have made those sorts of problems a thing of the past.


That photo ^ and the final one in the other thread suggests something else other than just colour correction was intended. But what?   


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I wasn't trying to colour-correct, I was trying to stylise. In this case I accomplished a monochrome filter to make the colourful photo fit in with a convervative colour palette in my web app. If there are optimised "manual" ways to do this in Paint .Net, I'm always happy to learn.


The closest description of the feature I propose would be "Instagram Filters". Or perhaps something you can playwith easily - https://photomania.net/editor


The appropriateness to directly include this into Paint .Net would be a subjective decision:

  • NO - because it's already possible with turning knobs and dials with existing core functionality and plugins.
  • NO - because that kind of thing should only be accomplished with a plugin, not a core feautre
  • YES - although it's possible to do with knobs and idals, creativity requires a person to quickly enumerate a range of different directions and simply judge what works for their situation. 
  • YES - there are products dedicated to this kind of thing, which proves the value. "Instagram Filters" merely brought this idea to the mainstream.
  • YES - colour filtering should be thought of as a major key featureset for editing rastered images, it's absence requires users to do it the hard and long way instead, resulting in fewer users bothering to engage with the software. My philosophy here being, allow users to do it the quick and easy, then let advanced users do it the hard manual way for greater control.
  • YES - it would be a gateway feature. People download and install Paint .Net to apply colour filters to their photos, then they also start using other features, and decide to use Paint .Net instead of other software they've used in the past.


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