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Colour Filtering a Photo

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I got a stock image for a website. I tried putting it in directly as is, but it didn't work. Although the gold/yellows are complimentary to the blues I have in the site, there was too much yellow. I decided to try and colour filter the image so that it would blend in a bit nicer.


see Tutorial.jpg - You can see the original [1], the mask layer [2], and the final result [3].


It's quite a simple process:


  1. Find out the HSV values of your chosen colour by entering the HEX into the Paint .Net colour picker. My colour was #183C5E, and the HSV was 209, 74, 36
  2. Make a copy of the original image on a new layer above, this will be the Mask Layer
  3. Adjust that mask layer using Adjustments > Hue / Saturation, using the HSV values from [1]
  4. Double click on the new layer to show the Layer Properties
  5. In the Blending section, adjust the Mode, to Glow,
  6. You might want to back off the opacity lower than 255
  7. Finally click OK


In my situation, this ends up as monochrome, but not black and white. The blue target colour is subtle, and the yellow in the light is faintly there. 


I'm not sure if there's an easier or more creative way of doing this. Please let me know. I use Paint .Net a lot, and I think Photo Colour Filtering is a missing direct feature.



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