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Is there a plugin that applies an effect to all layers?

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So, I have loads of png files, something around 600. and I just want to do one simple thing. To all of them. Resize them by 200% then apply surface blur. To all of those 600 images. I know that there is a plugin that exports each layer as seperate files, but something that applies the same effect to all of them at once would make my work much easier. MUCH easier. Just, wait an hour for all of them to get in the app, crop, resize, apply blur, and save. Done. If you know a plugin that does this, please send me a link. Thank you.

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One of the features of Paint.NET is that once you use a plugin with in a work sessions it's settings remain in place until you alter them within the work session. Once you exit Paint.NET the settings revert to default.

My point is that if you want to apply a plugin to a layer, you can click on a new layer and apply the plugin feature to that layer without having to re-adjust the settings. The current plugin use will be featured at the top of the plugin list just fro this purpose, and even if you use a different plugin; the settings of the previous will be stored until it has been altered in that work session.

null54 and Reptillian appear to be the goto persons on the uses of G'MIC with Paint.NET.

For batch processing of image files you can also find useful features in:

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Here's something I thought of in G'MIC-QT. Open G'MIC-QT. Go to code[global]/code[local]. Paste this code.


input_glob "" #Type in your location (No spaces allowed, not my fault or null54 fault)#
r2dx 200%,5 #Resize 200% by bicubic interpolation#
fx_smooth_bilateral 42.7,13.2,1,0 #Spatial Variance, Value Variance, Iteration, Channels and Color Space Option#
output {name},{format} #Please change name to your desire, and use the right format#

What this does is import images, and then output images. They're not applied to layers.

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