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Create an overlay in an animated gif

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Hi.  I can't seem to figure this one out in an "easy" way.  My current method is to create a new layer, put my text on it, then make enough copies to match up with every other layer (80 in this case) then merge them one by one.


Is there an easier method?



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Hi JazzMonkey & welcome to the forum :)


There is....https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/31629-animated-images/


 ...but beware - the plugin in that thread has some issues with the latest version of PDN (4.2). To get a beta of the latest bugfix version, go here https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/114671-fixed-copy-of-midoras-imagif-filetype-plugin-v013/?do=findComment&comment=560462


The plugin has an extensive text manual explaining the settings. In brief, you want to change the layer name to  UseAsForeground;  This sets this layer as the foreground for all preceding frames (up to a background command).


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