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Radders - fade image into the background

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I am trying to make a foreground image fade into the background. To do this I tried 3 approaches:

  1. Use the Vignette tool. This gave a good fade of the foreground image edges, but against a black, not transparent, background.
  2. Use a 'fade edges' plug-in. This also gave a good foreground image, but the the fading occurred in straight lines, not a circle, around the foreground.
  3. Use a gradient tool. This allowed a circular fading, but suffered from the fact that the gradient started at the centre of the foreground and continued linearly across it.
    I would have preferred a large area in the middle of the foreground to not be faded at all, with fading starting a little way from the centre.


What would be ideal is for one of the following refinements:

  1. The existing vignette tool allows the background to be any chosen colour - including transparent - instead of just black.
  2. The fade edges plugin allows a circular 'edge' instead of top, left, right or bottom straight edges.
  3. the gradient tool has a starting radius added which determines how far out from the centre of the image that the fading begins.


If any of these options already exist, I couldn't find them.

If they don't, what do people think about adding one or more of the above suggestions?


Thanks, Dave

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3.  You're on the right track.  Use the right mouse button and do small sweeps from the outside in, with a transparent radial gradient.  If it goes wrong click undo and go again.

If you want to use a linear transparent gradient ... Shift key and draw the transparent gradient helps constrain it to a straight line draw



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