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Ugly shapes with AA off & low pixel count

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When using the tool shapes (ellipse, star, diamond, trapezoid used as example) coupled with very small sizes down in the 10 or 20 pixel range, as well as having AA for the tool turned off, Paint.NET produces some very wonky and irregular shapes.


Now AA off should result in some of what we're seeing, but it should also result in symmetry, using proper mouse locations without that 1-pixel overshoot etc. Try creating a 20x20 canvas, selecting ANY of the shapes with AA off and then drawing that shape out from 1x1 to 20x20, see how the shape progresses. IMO this could be improved.


Using PDN 4.2 beta as of Jul 2nd.




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There's definitely no guarantee of symmetry on these, and it's massively more difficult to achieve than you think. A generic geometry rasterizer isn't going to be good at this stuff, and I've already done work to make it about as good as it can get (AFAIK). Direct2D on its own is astonishingly awful at this, with pixel gaps and other problems, so I added my own rasterizer for the 1px w/o AA case. I'd like to get the ellipse to be symmetric but even that has proven to be a pretty obnoxious problem to tackle correctly.

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This sounds very similar to this topic we had here a couple of months ago.




The 'solution' it seems is pretty much the same as I found back then - with AA off do not use a 1 pixel brush width use the 2 pixel default. At the very least you'll get a symmetrical shape under the conditions described.







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