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Help Needed ["Box Error"]

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So, today, I re-installed after several issues i've been having. Installation worked fine, no errors or anything. Then, I launched, and I found this pretty glaring problem.. I am not able to create images in it. The UI is there, but not the background. I'll show you what I mean by this.


Is there any way I can fix this? 

box error.png

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I am able to reproduce this by resizing the window from the bottom and dragging it all the way to the top. It then becomes uninteractable and even difficult to close.


There may be ways it can be prevented, however there is some Windows magic you can do to fix it!


It seems you are on Windows 10 which is good. Shift + Right click on Paint.NET in the taskbar and select Size.




Then your cursor will appear on the window with the arrow cursor. image.png.19439cd07f33a4ca0522ce6cc76760a0.png

Then click, hold, and drag down.

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