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Tools windows that aren't "glued" to the edge of the application window don't move when the application window moves

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I tend to drag paint.net back and forth between two monitors; when I'm fiddling with an image, it's on the primary monitor, but when it holds some sort of "reference" image, it's over on the second monitor.


I have most of the tool windows close to their "default" locations, "glued" up against the edges of the application window.  When I move the application from one monitor to the other, these tool windows happily come along for the ride.


I keep the 'Tools' tool window on the left side of the application window, but not "glued" to the left edge.  Instead, the 'Layers' tool window is along the left edge of the application window, and the 'Tools' window is "glued" (aka "snapped into place") up against the right edge of the 'Layers' tool window.


When I move the application between monitors, the 'Tools' tool window stays where it is, on the monitor I'm dragging paint.net away from.


I can see where this might be a design decision:  only windows that are "glued" to the application edges move when the application window moves, and other tool windows stay put.  I can see where that could be a desired use case.  


It would be handy for my use case, though, if there was some sort of toggle that said, "always move all of the tool windows when I move the application window itself."

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This intrigues me. What happens if you toggle the Tools window off (press F5) then move PDN to the other monitor, then toggle the Tools window back on?

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