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Circular blur (it might have had a better name) is gone, what now?

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Quite so Welshy. It's still there....




REF: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/EffectsBlursMenu.html

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Slapping forehead...   All I can guess is that radial sounded like it should make radial lines, but I recall knowing that it was named that now...


Also I think I tried it last night, but I set the value too high and it just made my star field disappear instead of turning it into visible streaks.


Thx, honestly mt moderator, just put this thread out of it's misery, I was too tired last night to function, strangely still did some good work.

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If you want the effect of a time-lapse photo of stars, use Radical  Blur. If you want streaks from a central point, like going into hyperspace, use Zoom Blur. In either case, you'll probably need to use Brightness/Contrast to make the streaks visible, since the color of the star-dots is spread over a large area.

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