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Custom line types?

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Is there any way to add custom line styles? Like on this image for country borders.


Also, is there any way to select an area from either side of dotted line? It only works with full line, but sometimes I want to draw dotted line and select just area on one side of it, and it automatically selects everything since he is not registered line cause of "holes" in it.

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Hello @last_dovahkiin.  I have read elsewhere on here, that @Red ochre's "Contour" can be used for this type of thing.  Here is his Plugin Pack:





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For first question:



For second question:

Use another layer and use solid color for drawing the same area.

But after selecting in the layer with the solid contour you have to move to the layer with the map and CTRL + C.

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xod's illustration does not show it but you can use this fill for lines and brushes on  transparent layers.

In xod's example the primary color of the line is red while the second color is white.
Your primary and secondary colors for your fill and fill background can be what ever on a transparent layer on top of your map.



The border on you maps is made from two types of lines

One is made from dots & dashes while the other is made from diagonals

The appear to placed in proximity (at times) to represent two 'conditions' of the terrain.


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@last_dovahkiin GREAT username! 👍


I'd create a new layer to use as a country mask. In the new layer, fill each country with a different solid color. You will only need to do this once.


The new layer will make selecting one country easy with the magic wand.


Hide the layer by turning off the visibility when you don't need it.

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