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4.1.7 Crashing when trying to open a file

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Looks like the same issue @Seerose reported at https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/114503-paintnet-417-alpha-build-7104/?do=findComment&comment=559274



I should have a fix for the next build.


The reason this is happening is you have a "bad" DLL in your FileTypes plugin folder. For now, as a short-term workaround, you can rename your FileTypes directory to FileTypes.bak (or just anything else).

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18 hours ago, Rick Brewster said:

Yes,of course. If you rename the FileTypes folder then the plugins won't be loaded. Agif is a plugin.


We're still waiting for a fixed Agif plugin. @Pixey may know more at this point.


@Seerose Unfortunately @midora's Animated Images  Plugins: ImaGIF and ImaAPNG are not compatible with Paint.net version 4.1.7 but it still works in older versions of Paint.net.


I have contacted @midora via email, but he has not responded about whether he will be able to update the Plugin :(

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