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A suggestion for a great piece of software

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I find Paint.net extremely valuable and helpful, as well as being vastly more intuitive than either Gimp or Photoshop.


My primary use is in highly technical art, where individual pixel colors in various layers are used to specify information to programmers. The View > Pixels option is extremely useful to view things up close, as is the ability to remove all anti-aliasing. The Layers are a great way to separate different types of data, and the ability to move around and compress layers allows me to combine what I need, when and where I need it.


Unfortunately, the inability is select multiple layers is a huge drawback whenever I need to move multiple layers of data around. Right now, the only way is to move each layer individually, which can be extremely error-prone.


This problem affects a lot of "production" artwork, since everything from web page design to art copy often "decomposes" artwork into various layers, one for an image, another for text elements, etc., etc. It's easy to end up with dozens of highly specialized layers. People who do such work on an occasional, limited or student basis could now do it within Paint.net.


I know this has been suggested before, but it appears the previous threads are so old they've been closed. My guess is that those people moved on to more robust (and expensive) professional tools that supported multi-layer operations.


SUGGESTION: Allow a user to Ctrl-Clilck to select multiple layers (just like selecting multiple files in Win10's File Explorer). Then allow all normal tool actions to apply across all selected layers, rather than just the current layer.

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